A licensed medical doctor in the state of Virginia. Medical training in New York and Connecticut. Grow up on a flower nursery and fruit farm. Through out the school years, all the way through the medical school, I worked in my father flower shop, summers, week-ends and a lot of time evenings during the week. I literally lived a good portion of my life in between planted and cut flowers. I have made thousands of flower arrangement of every kind, which I remember very vividly. I remember the trips to the country side to collect piles and piles of every kind of wild flowers. In some trips, I used to nap in the flower fields surrounded by the majestic heavenly colored landscape which inspired many sceneries in my paintings. For somebody who handled flowers peddle by peddle, leaf by leaf, spike by spike, stem by stem, painting them was not difficult. Flower arrangement is art, Medicine is art, painting is art, cooking which I do some of, is also art. Looks like I have an art gene in me.

Living in Northern Virginia for long time, gave me the chance to visit many many exhibits in the National Gallery of Art and in other museums and galleries in washington D. C.- U.S.A., which is a very short drive from where I live and that enhanced and enriched my artistic visual ability, also gave me access to the best art books.

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