The framing of your artwork is as important as the selection of the art itself. Framing prints and framing canvas are completely different yet alike in one respect. Because the presentation actually can enhance or detract from your print, you should use care in selecting the colors and finish of the materials.

Paper prints are framed behind glass with special colored mats to hold them in place and to cover the prints white edges. The mat also separates the print from the glass. This is very important because in time the glass could stick to the print. The mat must be slightly larger than the paper size in order to balance the print in the mat, which may require 3 inches or more all the way around the image. Most prints are double and triple matted for color enhancement. Limited editions prints should never, ever be trimmed, once altered they are valueless to collectors. All materials that surround and touch the print should be acid free to conserve the print against the advances of time. This is usually called conservation framing. Backing material is just as important, acid bleed through from cardboard or other acid containing materials will yellow or fade your prints in time rendering them valueless. Save the acid-free jacket that your print comes in, collectors expect the jacket if you sell the print later. We, when at all posssible frame the acid free jacket behind the print so that it will be with the print should you ever choose to un-frame it. The canvas is stretched over stretcher bars and the print is framed directly in the frame with no glass or mats.

Framing Guidelines

The thickness of the frame should enhance the piece, not overwhelm it.
General guidelines used by Art Heavens

2-3 inch width frame for frames up to 16 X 20
3-4 inch width frame for frames greater than 16 X 20


Mats are used to further enhance your art. The outer mat is generally wider than the inner mats. Mat colors must not overwhelm the art but should set it apart from the frame. It is generally a good idea to have the mat selections reflect the same color base as the art being framed. Mats come in three types, paper, suede, and linen. The colors are identical only the material and texture is different. All are acid free for protection of your print.

Glass (Glazing)

Clear acrylic plexi is better than glass for picture framing. AcryliteTM plexi is the specific brand selected for it’s high quality and crystal clear appearance.

We offer the regular clear standard plexi. Plexi none glare and none glare with ultra violet protection are available if customer request them and they do cost more than the standard regular clear plexi.

Our expert art consultants carefully chose complimentary frames for each print. We offer two standard chosen type of frames only. One metal, clear plexi glass for Giclée special paper canvas and one for canvas. Canvas prints get coated after they get framed. If other kind of frames are desired, a special arrangements has to be made by the client. by F.E. Nobel © 2003 E-mail:
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